Early English Lit

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Early English Literature

Research requirements: The final research paper should be approximately 8-10 pages minimum. The paper must accord with current MLA guidelines. Use at least four secondary sources. For details, refer to class handout (distributed November 7). The final paper must be submitted to Source Check no later than December 9th. Source Check directions follow:

All essays must be submitted to SourceCheck before they will receive a grade. Here are instructions:
Log onto the following website: http://student.ephorus.com

You will be asked to provide the following information:

CAUTION: Do not remove the floppy disk before transmission is completed.
Code Student no. First name Prefix Surname Email Comment Document
This text will be checked against other texts for similarities and will be saved in a database.

*Note that the password is 'cathedral.' For the sudent number, you can invent a random number. You should simply upload the document from your computer or from a disk. Also, be aware that the database is secure, so your paper cannot be distributed to anyone but me.




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